Hi, I'm Ouafa Moussi. Founder of Dar Wafa Spa. Welcome to my home which I designed to provide the ultimate Moroccan experience and introduce our beauty rituals and legendary hospitality. I believe every woman deserves time to herself to relax and indulge. Dar Wafa provides all the modern salon-spa services one could desire; along with unique Moroccan-chic baths, an exquisite private outdoor pool pavilion and a beautiful tree-brushed rooftop terrace cafe. I strive to bring about an invigorating atmosphere that uplifts the spirit, where every guest can escape from their daily grind and be revitalized by the beauty of our space. Through my personal commitment to high quality treatments and impeccable service, Dar Wafa provides an exclusive environment for each guest to reach their highest level of balance and contentment. My mission is to restore wellness and cultivate long-term confidence, enabling my guests to reconnect with their best self.

“Dar Wafa, from the floor tiles to the doors, from the vibrant brass accents to the vibrant colours and from the range of luxurious treatments to the gorgeous outdoor spaces, is more an experience than a location.” - Ohlala magazine

Discover the source of Dar Wafa's distinct look and feel

Where does Dar Wafa get its unique look and feel? From my many different experiences living in France, Morocco and Bahrain, I find my inspiration in my diverse cultural backgrounds and influences. Here, we seek to make all women feel welcome, and provide professional treatments that evoke a comforting, homey atmosphere. We embrace feminine, bohemian Bedouin style in order to make this a reality, as these aesthetics come naturally to me and allow me to present my best self.

Our Promise

I had spent a great deal of my time working in the fields of retail and hospitality in Bahrain and in France. These experiences gave me a good deal of insight into providing high-end customer service and the sourcing of quality products. It also demanded that I look my best at all times, in terms of both my appearance, i.e., hair, makeup, and nails, and my behaviour when dealing with difficult situations. Consequently, going to the salon became an almost regular occurrence. I had to ensure I was looking and feeling my best while also having little to no time to do so. It was an experience that many of my friends, family and colleagues could relate to, so it felt like something was missing from the picture.

That's when I decided to open Dar Wafa, a place of wellness that focused on giving customers an honest and straightforward approach to treatments and prices, all in a charming and inviting environment. I wanted it to be a place that listened to what I and other customers needed and was accommodating when time was an issue, yet had the potential to surprise with exciting new services and treatments. A place where one could feel looked after while also feeling comfortable bringing friends, family, or even one’s mother.

The support I received from my husband's family who have extensive business knowledge in the area of personal care was invaluable in helping to establish and make Dar Wafa the place I envisioned.